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Sinar Matahari

The Sinar Matahari Paint and Thinner Company was founded in 1963. Starting with producing paint on a home scale, to having a superior product, namely Menie which is a basic coating paint for wood and iron, then the Sinar Matahari Company began to expand to various regions in Indonesia in its sales until at the moment.

Mission & Vision

Sinar Matahari then expanded to various regions in Indonesia. Sinar Matahari was founded with a mission to always produce quality and affordable products. Sinar Matahari is now actively developing with a vision to become a company that can reach the wider community without doubting its quality.


Quality Products

Sinar Matahari is committed to providing quality products for consumers.


Affordable Prices

With quality products we also offer at affordable prices.



Does not contain Mercury, is odorless, anti-mildew and calcareous.

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